Preventative Maintenance Your Electrician Can Help With

Contact your electrician if you have not conducted proper preventative maintenance on your residential or commercial electrical system in the last few years. Like every other system in your building, it needs attention. By taking steps to inspect and repair the system as necessary, you reduce the risk of shocks and fires. This can even save your life. Yet, most people have no idea what goes into preventing such occurrences. If you are looking for a way to reduce the amount of risk present in your home, do so by calling in a professional. Whether it is in the early hours of the morning or on a weekend, our fully licensed after hours electrician Melbourne are ready to assist.

Getting Up to Code

The first step for any residential or commercial property owner who has not had a professional out to the premises in the last two to five years is to contact an electrician. You need an inspection to ensure your home or business is up to code. You also want to have a thorough inspection performed to ensure there are no gaps that could be putting your property at risk. You need to ensure the current system is up to date and in the best possible working order. Once that is done, there are steps you can take to maintain it yourself.

Updating Programming and Thermostats

Annually, inspect the thermostats controlling your systems including heating and air conditioning. Are they working properly? A mistake in any of these instances, could lead to a problem. Electrical components within the business, such as programming of ventilation, lighting, or security systems should be inspected annually. Optimize it for the current conditions while ensuring it is calibrated to work properly.

Check Backup Supplies

What happens if the electricity goes off in your business? Could you lose product? If you have a backup system in place, such as generators and surge protectors, you may not have to worry as much about these instances. In fact, you may find that these types of threats are less worrisome to you. Ensure your backup systems are in place to protect you at least two times of the year – at the start of the summer and winter seasons.

Visually Inspect Systems Regularly

Additionally, it is critical to consider the overall condition of wiring, outlets, and large-scale connectors. You want to ensure that any frayed wiring is replaced right away. If there are surges occurring, these need attention immediately as well.

The good news is that you do not have to take these steps on your own. Know more that you can have an electrician come in and handle it for you. Ask if the company provides a maintenance program. Get on the list and they will handle your necessary preventative maintenance steps for you. That makes managing your business that much easier to do.

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