Programmer Needed – Reverse Auction Web Application

Ulobi needs the assistance of a web developer programmer to create the software that will run the reverse auctions on our site.

This job will require the right person who is qualified, and has a solid portfolio of similar successful projects.

Although not essential, it would be an advantage to have a personal mission to help save the the most severely underprivileged to be freed from the cycle of poverty.

We are a non-profit organization but we will fully fund the work of this position. We don’t want someone who feels that they will not be properly compensated.

We could start with an existing script if the right person has this and they feel they could modify it to work the way we need it to.

Please post this on Facebook, Tweet it or get the word around so that we can move to the next step in our endeavor to make poverty history.

Any thoughts, suggestions or people you wish to recommend please post a comment or contact us.


Greg Gillespie
Founder Ulobi.

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