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In the process of using a buffing machine don’t be surprise if you notice some deep scratch, those scratch can be eliminate at the end of the job.

For four years in a row, the readers of “Motor Klassik” have consecutively voted our products as BEST BRAND in category for “Paint & Chrome Care”

Treat your automotive investment to the ultimate luxury of Swissvax high contect carnauba waxes. For sparkling reflections that go beyond normal perceptions of “shiny”. The Swissvax secret of exceptionally durable carnauba formulations that arise after several hours of manufacturing lies in using double-walled micro particles – known as the so-called micro-incapsulation.

Swissvax is also first choice of various automobile manufacturers in the premium and luxury segment to have their own car care products developed and individually produced for them.

As a family owned independent manufactory we are able to concentrate on the development and production of the most exclusive and luxurious cosmetics for automobiles. With the Swiss reputation for quality and precision and meticulous attention to detail we want to exceed your expectations.

Experience know how and competence to protect and maintain, prevent and repair your leather interior with the complete, muli-faceted system to intercept leather ageing where it starts.

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Prepare yourself for a new dimension in car care.

Swissvax Collections with thoughtfully selected products are up to 25% cheaper than buying the products individually.

We have a very accurate idea of our customers’ needs and our kits are designed to match them – down to the last detail.

With our efficient washing accessories and care tools, washing your car is child’s play. Quite clearly, these products restore your car’s dazzling shine to its former glory after every wash.

We can’t quite do magic with our products, but we are getting extremely close!

These award-winning carnauba formulations go beyond normal perceptions of “shiny”

For deeply reflective surfaces that will create a sensation on your automobile’s paintwork – simply amazing!

We also do matt!

Specifically developed product line for stunning results and the very special needs of matt paintwork only – we call it Swissvax Opaque!

We like to work professionally – and so should you!

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro – with “Big Foot” polishers by Rupes (Italy) anyone can polish – anyone! Quickly, safely, without swirls.

A perfect finish in minutes – not hours!

Quick Detailing Fluids, refinishers and multiple surface sealants are important spray products for valeting your automobile in between car washes. In your garage, on the road, on concours events – or to simply impress your friends with your passion. THE DIFFERENCIES: “Quick Finish” is a quick detailing soft cleaner for multiple surfaces – without any enhancement of shine, depth of color or sealing properties. “Nano Express” is a quick detailing refinisher increasing depth of color and hiding micro scratches on paintwork, plastics and transparent vinyl.

“Lotos Speed” is a quick detailing fluid and sealant for paintwork, plastics and glass.

Wheels – your automobile’s eye-catchers!

Sparkling clean wheels and silky shiny tyres are your car’s “well-polished shoes”.

A dull rear window, brittle seals, a faded plastic top or a dirty mohair hood can ruin your automobile’s appearance in seconds.

Swissvax’ engine cleaner and sparkling shiny engine spray sealant will do wonders.

Every concours entrant knows the importance of crystal clear windows. And so do we. We supply you with the right tools and products for the job on glass, vinyl and perspex.

Quite rightly, you expect us to be competent on interior care, too – and we are! Plastics, Alcantara, leather, precious woods, aluminum, chrome, navigation screens, textiles and carpets. You name it – we cover it.

Our multifaceted system for stopping the ageing process of your leather interior as soon as it starts. Prevention, protection, maintenance, repair – for Napa and semi-aniline leathers.

We don’t like to leave anything to chance. Experience a range of practical and refined accessories – they will be of tremendous help to you in achieving first class results.

Experience a new level of marine surface care that empowers your boat’s most precious assets. The Swissvax Marine-Care- System has been specifically developed, tested and attuned for boat and yacht maintenance. Being a passionate boating family since three generations, we are very familiar with all the joys -and sorrows- that come with boat ownership. Along with our superior automotive care we have traditionally developed and nurtured a high level of competence with regard to all facets of boat and yacht maintenance.

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